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Key Ingredients:

Amla Khushk                       Banslochan

Burada Sandal                     Safaid

Post Bahera                          Post Halela Zard

Saqmonia                              Sana

Gule Surkh                           Halela Siyah

Kateera                                  Gul Banafsha

Gul Nilofar                           Sapistan

Unnab                                   Berg Banafsha

Roghan Arandi                    Shakar Safaid

Sat Leemun

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It is useful in Cold & Catarrh, Headache, Dizziness, Hemicrania, Rheumatic Pains and Intoxication. It stimulates peristalsis and removes constipation.

Directions of uses:

5–10 grams to be taken at bed time with water or milk.




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