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DNPL Happy End Syrup


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Women in our modern world work through the month, no matter what. Double-income families,
high costs of living, multi-tasking – modern women have learned to ignore their natural rhythms. In the
past women would gather during their monthly cycles and have time to rest and meditate. As it is, women
go through many more menstrual cycles during their lives than did women of earlier days. In the past a
woman went through menarche near the end of her teens, quickly became pregnant, nursed for 2 – 4
years after each pregnancy, during which time she would normally not menstruate. Modern women,
however, go through menarche earlier (higher estrogen levels due to artificial light, chemicals and
pollution, and a richer diet), they usually deliver only 1-2 children which they
nurse for a relatively short time. They therefore go through many more
menstrual cycles, the hormonal swings of which can cause a wide range of
imbalances and complaints.

Medicine Characteristics:
1. The Nanotised ingredients of the medicine Stimulate to the
Endometrium & Ovarian Tissue for hormone secretion.
2. Act as anti-oxytocic as well as anti-inflammatory.
3. Overcomes anti- estrogenic activity.
4. Increases endometrial receptivity in protecting the process
of implantation and subsequently pregnancy.

Indications: Leucorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea, Menorrhegia, Mood swing,
anxiety, depression, light amount of flow, menstrual pain/cramps,
backaches .

Dosage: One teaspoon full (5ml) twice daily or as directed by physician

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Ashok Chhal (200mg)

Ashwagandha (100mg)

Amla (50mg)

Aloevera (50mg)

Satawari (50mg)

Daruhaldi (Berberine) (50mg)

Shivlingi beej (50mg)

Kamal pushpa (50mg)

Brahmi (50mg)

Jamun (50mg)

Amaltas (50mg).

DNPL Happy End Syrup

200 ml


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