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Baidyanath Ekangveer Ras

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Baidyanath Ekangveer Ras is well known herbomineral Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to boost immune system and help a patient overcome generalized weakness and debility. Ekangavira is also found to be very useful in various types of chronic as well as acute diseases. This immune system booster is beneficial for the treatment of various types of fevers. This also builds up immunity within the body .

Baidyanath Ekangveer Ras Benefits:  It is beneficial in following conditions:

  • Ekangveer is extremely beneficial in paralysis.
  • This is used in indigestion, flatulence and loss of appetite.
  • Ekangveer is also very beneficial in facial paralysis.
  • This also brings about the mental strength in the body.

Baidyanath Ekangveer Ras Dosage: 125-375 mg twice a day or as directed by the Physician

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