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The rheumatic diseases (rheumatic fever, rheumatism, and
rheumatoid arthritis) are acute and chronic conditions as the
body is filled with ‘rheum’, a form of aama. Rheumatic disease,
an auto-immune condition is characterized by inflammation, soreness and stiffness of
muscles, and pain in joints and associated structures. This can often be successfully
managed by an Ayurvedic approach.
The ayurvedic lists a wide range of anti-inflammatory drugs that can reduce the pain
and swelling in case of different arthritic conditions. The treatises like Charaka
samhita, Sushruta samhita, Bhaava prakaasa etc, described these drugs. A good
number of scientific inquiries have been made for evaluating the anti-inflammatory
activity of these medicinal plants by several researchers.
Medicine Characteristics:
 Unique combination of natural anti-inflammatory & analgesic substance.
 It suppressed the COX-2 enzyme by 60% & keep reducing nitric oxide (NO).


Muscular and Joint pain,
Rheumatoid arthritis, Siatica, Cervical
& Lumbar spondylosis

Application: Massage gently on the
affected areas or as directed by

Out of stock


Aloevera oil (3%),
Haridra oil (7%), Ginger oil (5%),
eucalyptus oil (5%), sesamum oil
(70%) and Harisinger oil (10%).

Arthor oil



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