Rasashala Asanad vati

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Nature of Product : 250 mg. Tablets

Uses & Indications :

It helps to control blood sugar in Diabetic patients, Also control urine sugar, for associated problems in Diabetics. Delays degenerative processes esp. in Pittaprakruti diabetic patients. Best adjuvant to antidiabetic treatment.

Directions of uses :

2 to 3 Tablet 3 times with warm water or According to Physician’s Advice.

Key Ingredients:

Ghanasar of following Herbs

Saptaparni           Asan

Lodhra                  Arjuna

Karanja                 Khadir

Pooga                   Saga

Indrayava             Shirisha

Wala                      Mocharas

Palashabeej        Jeetasaya

Ghanasar             Shilajatu


Triturated with Kumari Juice

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